Inventor’s Compensation – a necessity?

Every product or method can be optimized and ambitious colleagues are willing to participate with their ideas in a process of development atop of their normal job performance, especially when they get paid accordingly. Inventor’s compensation is a NECESSITY! We are pleased to show you in a short presentation:
- why and in what cases an inventor’s compensation must be paid,
- how the amount of compensation can be calculated,
- at what time scale a compensation must be paid,
- which rights and duty the employee has in this context,
- which rights and duty the employer has in this context.

The basis for this context is the amended German Employee Invention Law, which manages to create a balance of interests between the employee and the employer. We especially want to answer your precise questions, which are relevant for your company. You can also send us your questions in advance, so that we can integrate these in the presentation.

The Patent Attorney Office Buse Mentzel Ludewig also offers presentations and advanced training from our competent Patent Attorneys in the fields of Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks, Designs, German, European and International Applications.

If this offer interests you, or you do have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. The presentations can be held in our office or in your office.

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